Monday, January 25, 2010

Razor Edge For Real

Year round work guy talked a lot with no getting down to business, so rather than wait for him to get his act together, I took whatever job I could find. Second shift putting together gnarly boots by hand at a boot factory in NE Portland. Been making these crazed out ones that are used for fighting wildfires... Heavy duty. I work with people from 32 different countries. People from deep Russia to Kenya. I'm the only fluent english speaking person on the floor and most of the folks I work with speak all different languages too, so we communicate by this made up sign language to get the work done. At first, I was just hyped to have a job, making some money with some benefits. But it's straight up inspiring and has become a discovery of what else there is out there beyond the usual search. The zone evolves more and more man... Feeling it.


d.j. dienelt said...

that is mad fresh! isn't amazing that how universal hand/visual gesture are! Glad you found work too! I hear is it gnarly to find work!

DJ said...

I live in a pair of your boots, put them on a 0300 in the morn and take them off at 2100, thank you for the fine shoes that I wear.