Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Straight Through

On some razor's edge type of stuff right about now. Got a good lead for the week of the 18th to hook up with a gig that has year round work to sub me out for a lot of cabinet refinishing work. Pay is 10% of contracts between 8 and 16 grand. Each job is about 3 to 5 days worth. Which is more than I pay myself usually so that's rad. I'm going for that to be the regular and do Holdfast shop jobs on the side for a minute until the crazy days go away. November, December and January have been brutal up here for real, the writing is on the wall. Makes me think of the warning label on chainsaws where they show a picture of a dude sitting out on a branch while cutting the branch off of the tree with the "don't do this" red circle and a line through it. Play it smart, remember how to fish, you know...

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